At the moment is the late night of Beijing time, we finally found the root of the problem: Static electricity! In fact, we have completed the technical service work of one of our customers. However, there has always been a small problem that bothers us. And customers think this is no problem, they can accept this status. But, as a professional  technical service provider, Devo must implement the higher standards. At the same time, we are also very grateful to our customers for your full cooperation, so as to finally find out the root reason! Please refer to the following images, please check if there is any static problem.

此刻是北京时间的深夜,我们终于找到了问题的根源:静电! 事实上,我们已完成了该客户的技术服务工作。 然而,一直有一个小问题困扰着我们。 客户原本也认为这没问题,可以接受这种状态,因为设备已经有很大的改善并且主要问题已经解决! 但是,作为专业的技术服务提供商,我们不能放过任何蛛丝马迹。 只要有一线可能,就一定尽可能做到完美! 只要是缺陷就不可容忍,除非最终我们确实做不到! 同时,我们也非常感谢每一位客户的全力配合,才最终在共同的努力下找出了根本原因! 请参考以下图片,请检查在您的应用中是否可能存在静电问题。