Why in the application of metal detectors, we need to be careful with the inverter, these two contrasting photos will show everything: So, if you encounter unexplained error reject, you need to rule out this possibility. And it is particularly important that the inverter may be located far away, the distance may be more than 50 meters, or it may be on the other side of the wall! There is no doubt that we have all experienced, even in order to find inverters, customers have cooperated with us to temporarily stop production and cut off all power supplies except metal detectors. Therefore, the metal detector is extremely reliable, any error reject must have a reason.
为什么在金属探测器的应用中,我们需要小心变频器,下面的对比照片将说明一切! 因此, 如果您遇到无法解释的误检, 则需要排查这种可能性。 并且特别重要的是,变频器可能位于很远的地方,距离可能超过50米,也可能在墙壁的另一面! 不用怀疑,这些我们全部经历过,甚至为查找变频器,客户曾经配合我们暂时停产并切断除金属探测器之外的全部电源。 所以,金属探测器本身极其可靠,任何误剔除都一定有原因,只要您足够重视!